La Bienvenida to the personal portfolio of ART and love. Mostly art.
Who am I kidding, there’s lots of loveeeee. My name is Kayla Savill. Kaysav for short. Yaya by family. Lala by friends. And to those who find the humour in the sounding closeness of Kayla to the hindi word Kela, its Banana. Bit of a smoosh. Bit of a split.

crossMy second language is sarcasm. If we’re all just figures of each others’ imagination, I would like to speak figuratively and enjoy the air of mystery. Lets roam free in this fantasy land. They’re holding as back from Utopia. Pick up the pace. It’s a challenge, the sarcasm that is. Plus…
aboutme_waterMy ALL TIME favourite thing to do is laugh. Im the person in a group who is still laughing at the first joke while everyone else is laughing at the tenth. It is actually really hard to live with. I do honestly believe my death will be due to popping a lung from laughing too hard. No joke. Insert tongue out emoji. My personal humour is puns. Happy in my skin. My stardusk skin, these star subatomic particles not even touching each other. Just chemically reacting. Gah. Sun Scorpio. Gemini Rising. Leo Moon. Im loyal. AND extreme. I’m learning the grey area of black and white. Im passion. Passion is a feeling, yes. So correctly, I should say I am passionate. However, I more than feel it. Passion is in that every cell within me. Drive. Motivation. Creation. Im into astrology. The cosmos. Not horoscopes. Horoscopes are made up. Like most things. Personally I like to make up my own horoscope each day. Today will be a fantastic day! I create things. I love creating things. Art mostly. Cook a lot too. Fresh and organic is my favourite. One would feel great. Look great. Toh then you need a good run to burn the energy. Run. Walk. Crawl. Flock through the meadow. Dance. Too much. Surf. Snowboard. Hike. Fly. Just kidding. Metaphorically speaking. I’ll aim for the stars.

The love I have for my family and friends is indescribable. I would take a bullet for them. I would take a bullet for anyone. I love most people. Except the fake. The selfish. And the untrustworthy. aboutme_dream I never forget. Give up. Or stop loving. I put everyone I care about before myself. And yes. Before you ask. Everything DOES happen for a reason. But not because your life has previously been written. But because you chose to dance to that particular song. Moral to the story. Learn to dance to the good tunes. With the best dancers.
Lastly, this blog will have all my completed work, as well as opinions and thoughts on a multiple selection of topics + life stories. Its main purpose is just to get out me of my own head and share it with the world.